International Surgical Rotation

At the Harvey and Bernice Jones Eye Institute at UAMS, we believe in giving our residents a well-rounded, unique educational experience. This includes encouraging residents in the development of diverse critical thinking and problem solving skills in both traditional and non-traditional clinical and surgical settings. In 2017, thanks to the hard work and determination of adjunct faculty member, Dr. Tayyeba Ali , a fully funded, international rotation was added to the curriculum for our residents.

“They are also able to further their surgical skills. Operating in a setting with less technology and resources, they’re forced to problem solve and figure out how to get the same result — good vision for the patient.” Tayyeba Ali M.D., Vision Magazine, 2017

Dr. Brownlee performing an eye examination

“It also provides a life changing experience and an opportunity to give back, which all physicians should experience at least once.” Tayyeba Ali M.D., Vision Magazine, 2017

Currently, each of our three chief residents participate in an international surgical rotation to either Honduras or Guatemala.

“You improve your skills, learn how to use different equipment in different settings and it reminds you of why you wanted to become an ophthalmologist.” Maria Jones M.D., Vision Magazine, 2017

Two doctors performing an eye test

“It is rewarding to help people who otherwise would not have access to ophthalmologic care, and it is a privilege to sue skills that you have learned in residency to improve someone’s quality of life.” Maria Jones M.D., Vision Magazine, 2017