Resident Conferences

Training includes three resident morning conferences per week which cover materials for the OKAP (Ophthalmology Knowledge Assessment Program) examination taken annually, and ultimately, for the Ophthalmology Board examinations following residency. Residents also attend weekly Problem Case conferences, monthly Journal Club meetings, Pathology conferences (every eight weeks), and periodic Continuing Medical Education courses.

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds is a weekly conference devoted exclusively to the management of ophthalmic patients. Problem cases, interesting teaching cases, and unique patients are presented for discussion, and findings and recommendations are shared with other members of the department.

Grand Rounds provides residents with experience presenting and teaching clinical cases to their peers.

Journal Club

The Journal Club is designed to help residents develop lifelong learning presentation skills and accrue knowledge relevant to the OKAP exam and the practice of Ophthalmology.

Residents will participate in a monthly, in-depth discussion of journals published in the preceding month.