Surgical Experience

Surgery experience is a vital part of an ophthalmology residency. Our residency currently ranks in the 90th percentile for resident surgery cases. Below is a table that compares surgical numbers at our program vs. ACGME requirement:

UAMS Program:
Cataract – 270+ cases
Strabismus – 60+ cases
Oculoplastics – 170 cases
Glaucoma – 30 cases
Trauma – 40 cases
Laser Surgery – 130 Cases

ACGME Requirements:
Cataract – 40 cases
Strabismus – 10 cases
Oculoplastics – 28 cases
Glaucoma – 5 cases
Trauma – 4 cases
Laser Surgery – 34 cases


In addition to the large number of surgeries that a resident is expected to graduate with, there is emphasis on training senior residents to perform complex surgery e.g. dense cataracts, cataracts after trauma and complex anterior segment repair, iris suturing and scleral fixation intraocular lenses. Also, residents are trained to operate with the latest technology available. The operating suite at Jones Eye Institute is equipped with state of art equipment including intraoperative microscope mounted OCT, 3-D surgery and surgical endoscope.

Refractive Surgical Rotation

Each resident, during their third year, will have the opportunity to spend a week at the Blanchfield Army Hospital in Ft. Campbell, KY performing refractive surgery.  During their rotation, they perform 20-30 refractive surgical procedures as primary surgeon. This rotation is scheduled during the UAMS/Elective month.