Surgical Simulation Lab

At Jones Eye Institute, each resident will complete a surgical simulation course. This course is designed to equip residents with skills essential in micro-suturing, cataract surgery, iris suturing, retina laser, and retinal ultrasound.

Simulation surgery is practiced in the Walker Eye Surgical Simulation and Education center located on the 9th floor of the Jones Eye Institute. The brand new, state of the art teaching facility is equipped with teaching microscopes and virtual machines for teaching cataract and retina surgery, refined plastic eyes, and other surgical tools needed for simulation surgery.

simulation lab

“There’s real evidence this will improve our residents’ competency levels, so the benefit of this simulation center is two-fold. It increases the comfort level and proficiency of our residents, which in turn improves patient safety” Ahmed Sallam M.D. Ph. D., Associate Program Director and Director of Surgical Simulation Vision Magazine, 2017

Dr. Hardin uses surgical simulation equipment

“You’re able to practice a procedure over and over, which gives you confidence and more understanding of the operation during the actual surgery” Alice Behrens M.D Vision Magazine, 2017

Dr. Sanders uses surgical simulation equipment